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2022 Annual Board meeting 11/9/22 6pm

Re:    Annual Meeting-

This letter contains important information about the Annual Meeting of the Tamerlane Condominium Association.

We urge you to take an interest and participate in the election of Board members.  This year, one board member occupies a seat for a term that expires and they have expressed their written intent to seek re-election (Section 7.03 of By-laws).   There are also two open positions.


The Annual Meeting of the Tamerlane Condominium Association (Article VI Sections 6.02 and 6.03 of the Condominium By-Laws) will be held at Clubhouse 1 - 3001 E. Village Road, Holland PA 18966 at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, November 9th, 2022.

If you intend to come to the meeting, please notify the Management office in advance so we can adequately prepare the room for social distance seating arrangements.  Please be sure to wear a mask and to keep it on throughout the meeting. 


You are allowed to vote either in person or by proxy only if you are a unit owner and not delinquent on your Association fees.  Enclosed is a form that can be used for your ballot at the meeting, or if you cannot be present, for your absentee (proxy) ballot.  If you attend the meeting, bring the form with you.  If you cannot attend, follow the instructions below.


Should you be unable to attend the Annual meeting, you are permitted to vote by proxy.  In order to vote by proxy, you must designate a person to act as your proxy.  To assign your voting right to a proxy, indicate the name of the owner who will act as your proxy (must be an owner of record as per certificate of deed) and then sign and date the proxy form.  Any person can act as your proxy if he/she is an owner of record in Tamerlane.

If you prefer, you can assign a Board member to act as your proxy: Adella Harrison, Scott Silverman, and Elizabeth Gerhart are the Tamerlane Board Members who can act as your proxy.

Proxy forms must be received in the Management Office by 4pm on November 9th, as per Section 5.04 of By-Laws with the Management Office substituting for the Secretary for collection purposes). 

Tamerlane condominium

Tamerlane is a beautiful condominium development located within the Village Shires Community. Tamerlane consists of 276 units located in 23 different buildings. There are several model types from which to choose, including one and two bedrooms.

The beauty of open green space and the wooded area that borders the community is just one of the many things that make Tamerlane so special. A lovely combination of trees, shrubs and bushes are maintained throughout the community!

Swimming pool at Tamerlane

Village Shires offers three pools, tot lots, basketball courts, tennis courts and a community center. Pool 3 is within walking distance to Tamerlane. Association fees include snow removal, trash pickup and grass cutting.

Tamerlane is conveniently located within minutes of downtown Newtown, shopping and Interstate 95.